Testimonials Regarding the EBO Process

Firstly, I must tell you that your enthusiasm is infectious. You have really motivated me to make positive changes at my school. Having recently bid farewell to another generation of year 12 students, I wonder (as I am sure many teachers do) did we prepare them well enough, not just for the exams, but for lifelong learning.

The Evidence Based Observation Tool and Coaching Training will allow me to help teachers (including myself) to become better educators and most importantly it will help our students to become autonomous learners.

In all honesty this was the best PD I have ever attended. It was like a mini university course and it allowed me to regain that level of enthusiasm I had when I was a first year teacher.

Adele Aghi-Masri, Isik College

Thanks for the great training last Thursday. Just to let you know that J videoed a lesson today and then she sat down with D and filled out an observation review as they watched it back.

It was a great activity and has them both buzzing.

I also walked into D’s Maths lesson today to see her having her kids working on Maths WITHOUT THE TEXT BOOK. They were all working on a problem that needed to be solved using area and perimeter. D was really excited.

I am conscious too that I have had my eyes open to what you have been talking about. I think that it is fair to say that you may have heard from many of our Middle School Staff, including myself, that ‘we already do that’.

I think that doing the training has given us each an insight into what you are really talking about and I would now say, that we may have thought that we were but now know clearly the difference.

Look forward to setting another date with you.

Merrick Brewer, Chairo Christian School

I just wanted to express my gratitude for your session the other day at ISIK College boys’ campus. Content aside, which was extremely intrinsically informative anyway, I was simply impressed by your expertise, skill and delivery of the session. I had an epiphany, of sorts: I don’t want to be a good teacher, I want to be a great educator/facilitator; a step towards my supreme goal of being a useful and enlightened human being. You’ve inspired me with your zeal and passion and I wish there was something I could do, as I almost feel indebted, and humbled.

I’m currently studying psychology, full-time, my second semester, while carrying out my other duties. I don’t consider myself to be a perfect teacher, never will, but even though I feel like my students learn I want to maximise their potential even further.

I love the fact that the EBO has come from such ‘real’ roots, and not a flashy author or TV program; not to mention great empirical backing and a positive track record; I spoke to some teachers about their EBO experiences and they are quite happy with the reflection it’s brought about in their repertoire/profession as well as the positive change.

Ilker Abak, Isik College

I just wanted to provide you with some positive feedback. J saw me this morning before school saying how wonderful you were and how much she had appreciated the Evidence Based Observation feedback session yesterday, so much so that it had gone over time. It's nice when those sorts of things happen.

Pete Russell, South Coast Christian School